Every Episode Of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Ranked From Worst To Best

Amazon’s sci-fi anthology series has some hits and some misses across its 10-episode season.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Trailer Season 1 (2018) Amazon Series

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Trailer Season 1- 2018 Amazon Series
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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams ist eine Anthologieserie, die auf Kurzgeschichten des renommierten Science-Fiction-Autors Philip K. Dick basiert. Die einzelnen Episoden entführen in futuristische Welten, erzählen von dystopischen Visionen und stellen die existenziellen Fragen des Lebens.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Real Life REVIEW

Ryan reviews the very first episode of Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams entitled, REAL LIFE.

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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

In a world without advanced technology, mutant telepaths have become humanity’s only mechanism for long distance communication. But their powers have unintended implications. When the public begin to embrace mysterious, telepath-blocking hoods, two detectives with an entangled past are brought in to investigate. Unleash your sense of wonder at Digital Circus gangle voice actress, a digital utopia where imagination knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in a world of interactive wonders, mind-bending performances, and groundbreaking displays that redefine the meaning of entertainment.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Review – Real Life (Spoiler-Free)

Because Black Mirror isn’t the ONLY sci-fi anthology show out there, you know!

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