Pokemon Sword And Shield Lunar New Year Event Now Live, Features Shiny Tauros [Last Chance]

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, Tauros, Miltank, and Bouffalant are appearing in Max Raids more frequently until January 24.

Shiny Tauros, Shiny Cubone, and Shiny Pinsir FOUND! Onto Shiny Miltank Masuda Hunt! Pokemon Sword!

Come join us as we race to get Tauros to shine for us! Kickin off the new weekly Mod Appreciation Day with a tribute to our dear mod Fernando!
1) You MUST be able to prove you won by either trading with myself or a moderator, or by posting a picture of the first summary page showing YOUR trainer name, and the summary page showing what date and where you caught it in SWSH Share Your Shinies channel in discord. If your trainer name is different in game than in stream, please let someone know beforehand.
2) Tauros MUST be masuda hunted! It also must be hunted TODAY, by YOU, no eggs given to you by trade. It must also be hunted DURING the race, not before.

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[LIVE EVENT] Shiny Tauros Raid Encounter – Pokémon Sword And Shield – TheLostTrainer

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Live Shiny Tauros Reaction

Not gonna lie this was meant to be a strong spawn reset but it kinda turned into a mixture of its strong spawn encounters and any overworld grass spawn I saw

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Pokemon Sword- Shiny Tauros, Year of the Ox event.

Shiny Tauros in a Pokemon sword raid.